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!!NEW!! DNAblender.com
Slice, dice, and splice any nucleotide sequence. Features include restriction digests, translation, complement, reverse complement, and more.

Aequorin Calcium Calculator
Calculate intracellular calcium concentration with aequorin bioluminescence. Uses two separate algorithms. Compatible with wild type or mutated aequorin and with normal or N-type coelenterizine.

DNA/RNA Concentration Calculator
Calculate the concentration of dsDNA, ssDNA, or RNA from absorbance values.

!!NEW!! siRNA Designer
Design siRNAs for any specified DNA/RNA sequence. The suggested siRNAs can be rescanned against additional sequences which is very useful in designing siRNAs against the same gene for different organisms.

Molecular Weight Calculator
Calculate the molecular weight and determine the required mass or volume to obtain solutions of a specific concentration.

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