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Center Learning Organism Cell Simulations
Welcome to the Center for Learning, Organism and Cell Simulations

What is CLOCS? The Center of Learning, Organism and Cell Simulations (CLOCS) is a resource for scientists interested in applying computer simulations toward their research. The Center and this associated website provides various resources and faciltates interactions between researchers.

We continue to add new computational tools to assist our fellow scientists. Check out our current selection of free online calculators.

!!NEW!! Included in our current list of calculators, is a siRNA target selection tool. Select candidate sequences for performing RNA interference experiments. siRNA duplexes and shRNA (short hairpin RNAs from DNA based approaches) are both supported. Each selected sequence is linked to a BLAST search to verify specificity. An additonal feature allows the panel of selected siRNA targets to be re-scanned against multiple sequences. This powerful feature is particularly useful for identifying cross-species targets.

Trying to find the online version of your favorite scientific journal? Explore our extensive list of online scientific journals.

Our primary mission is to create complex working models of biological processes by combining data from the recent genomic and proteomic efforts with biochemical and biophysical equations. Our goal is to go beyond database acquisition/analysis and create testable model systems for both hypothesis testing and prediction.

We are continually updating this site, so check back often.

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