COVID-19 Risk Indicators for Forsyth County, NC


- On February 12, the CDC updated their guidance documents on the operation of K-12 schools during the current pandemic. Overall, the revised recommendations are largely consistent with prior guidance. Notable changes include: 1) changing the time interval for calculating transmission metrics, from two weeks to now, one week; and 2) providing more clear recommendations for elementary, middle and high school operations at each community spread threshold.


- A big thank you to all of our beta-testers and your enthusiasm regarding the school COVID case notification system. Sign up for school-specific email and text notifications here. If you have signed up and have not yet received a notification, let us know.
Following a week of all students in remote learning, we will restart the notification service on Monday. All grades returned to hybrid learning on Monday with Grades 10, 11, and 12 having the option of in-person learning for the first time since last March.

Dashboard of Dashboards

- To save you time, we have combined all of the COVID Dashboards on one page. Visit the Dashboard of Dashboards


- Several local news stories announced the installation of bipolar ionization devices in WS/FC schools. In response to questions we received regarding this technology, please see our recent update on the bipolar ionization information page.
CDC Risk Categories
February 25 update: For the last eighteen weeks, Forsyth County has exceeded the threshold for HIGH transmission risk of COVID-19. Today's value of the revised CDC incidence indicator is (185) and has continued to decrease for the past two weeks. For the last 14 days, there were fewer than 2000 new COVID cases in Forsyth County. The last time that occured was mid-November. Also, the number of positive tests over the last two weeks has fallen below 7% in Forsyth County. This is an encouraging downward trajectory for both metrics.
Note, the CDC incidence metrics presented on this website have been updated in response to the Feb-12 revision of the CDC guidance documents. For comparision, both the new and previous metric calculations are included in today's update. In addition to the revised metrics, the updated CDC guidance also clarified school operation recommendations at each risk threshold. See the CDC recommendation for the HIGH community transmission currently in Forsyth County. For more information on the new guidance documents from the CDC, please follow this link.
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CDC Core Indicator #1 Forsyth County
CDC High Risk Implementation Plan
February 25, 2021 -

WS/FCS COVID-19 Dashboard

Update (Mon-Fri, excluding holidays):
80 WS/FCS staff and students have been reported as current confirmed COVID-19 cases (exposed and quarantined cases are no longer reported). There are currently 19 active confirmed staff cases and 61 active confirmed student cases. 45 out of 83 campuses/departments currently have confirmed COVID-19 cases. It is important to note that confirmed COVID cases reported on the WS/FCS Dashboard represent recent cases. Older cases are routinely removed from the dashboard, typically within 10 days from the initial disclosure.

Since January 11, WS/FCS has reported more than 550 staff and student cases. As expected with the introduction of each additional grade level to in-person learning, student COVID cases across the district have increased each month since November. Please see the chart below.
WSFCS Student Cases
WS/FCS will no longer alert every family of new COVID-19 cases in their school. The exception is if contact tracers identify the student as a "close contact" of a confirmed case. We encourage those who would like the prior alert system reinstated to contact their representative on the Board of Education.

We will continue to offer a notification service until WS/FCS is able to resume this function. Our push notification service is now available to WS/FCS families and staff to provide alerts of COVID cases in their schools. Sign up on the Survey page. Both email and text message alerts are available.

Daily report of COVID-19 cases

- It is important to note that WS/FCS only reports cases they consider currently active on their dashboard. Active cases are defined as confirmed positive cases and are removed from their dashboard data typically within 10 days from the initial identification of a positive test. This has caused some confusion since many schools with no current cases have had cases reported in prior weeks. With that said, if you are aware of a student or staff COVID case reported within the last 10 days, it should appear in the following table. WS/FCS provides two options to submit safety concerns, a hotline 336-703-4193 and via their website.

If you know of a COVID case that was NOT reported on the WS/FCS Dashboard, notify your school's principal. All cases must be reported to the local health authorities. IT'S THE LAW. For the latest COVID updates, visit our Dashboard of Dashboards. For more details on how WS/FCS reports COVID cases, see the WS/FCS COVID-19 Dashboard. The previous version of the WS/FCS Dashboard can be found here.
Current Confirmed COVID-19 Cases reported on WS/FCS Dashboard (From highest total cases to lowest)
Mineral Springs Elementary School415
Thomas Jefferson Middle School505
East Forsyth High School404
Flat Rock Middle School303
Meadowlark Middle School303
Reagan High School303
Sedge Garden Elementary School303
Speas Elementary School303
Cook Literacy Model School202
Early College of Forsyth202
East Forsyth Middle School112
Glenn High School022
Hanes Middle School202
Lewisville Elementary School202
Lowrance Middle School202
Old Town Elementary School022
Paisley IB Middle School112
R J Reynolds High School202
Union Cross Elementary School022
Walkertown Elementary School202
West Forsyth High School202
Wiley Magnet Middle School202
Career Center High School101
Carver High School011
Cash Elementary School011
Clemmons Elementary School011
Clemmons Middle School101
Easton Elementary School101
Forest Park Elementary School011
Gibson Elementary School011
Hall-Woodward Elementary School011
Kimmel Farm Elementary School101
Konnoak Elementary School101
Mount Tabor High School101
North Forsyth High School101
Parkland IB Magnet School011
Rural Hall Elementary School101
Sherwood Forest Elementary School101
Smith Farm Elementary School101
South Fork Elementary School101
Vienna Elementary School011
Walkertown High School101
Ward Elementary School011
Whitaker Elementary School101
Administrative Center*000
Ashley Academy for Cultural & Global Studies000
Atkins Academic & Technology High School000
Bolton Elementary School000
Brunson Elementary School000
Caleb's Creek Elementary School000
Carter High School000
Children's Center000
Diggs-Latham Elementary School000
Forsyth Middle College000
Frank Morgan Elementary School000
Griffith Elementary School000
Ibraham Elementary School000
Jefferson Elementary School000
John F. Kennedy High School000
Kernersville Elementary School000
Kernersville Middle School000
Kimberley Park Elementary School000
Kingswood School000
Main Street Academy000
Meadowlark Elementary School000
Middle Fork Pre-K Center000
Mineral Springs Middle School000
Moore Elementary School000
North Hills Elementary School000
Northwest Middle School000
Old Richmond Elementary School000
Petree Elementary School000
Philo-Hill Magnet Academy000
Piney Grove Elementary School000
Southeast Middle School000
Southwest Elementary School000
The Downtown Elementary School000
The Special Children's School000
Virtual Academy000
Walkertown Middle School000
Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy000
Currently, EC, Pre-K, Kindergarten to Grade 12 students have the option of in-person learning in WS/FC schools. Comments submitted by parents have been overwhelmingly concerned about when and how COVID-19 cases in their child's classroom are communicated to families. All readers of our page are encouraged to share their comments on the Community Pages or anonymously here. We are open to all points-of-view. We also have a school safety survey available at this link. Let us know how well your school is communicating and following the key COVID mitigation strategies.
How you can help: All of us want to fully re-open the schools and businesses, but that begins with getting honest information to the community and everyone doing their part. Wear a mask when out and about. Physically distance yourself from others. The more distance, the better. And again, wear an EFFECTIVE mask PROPERLY. I'm looking at you nose.

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